Bad Credit Home Equity Line Of Credit

Bad credit can increase the difficulty that a homeowner encounters when seeking a home equity line of credit. Bad credit can be the reason for a poor credit score. What is a credit score? The credit score varies between the values of 300 and 850. The credit score is the creation of the Fair Isaac Corporation. Lenders who arrange for a home equity line of credit use the credit score in order to set the interest rate that will be charged the homeowner. Continue reading

Personal Finance Order During Global Economic Chaos

It seems that every economy the world over is either in an unpredictable flux, or a certain downward spiral. This can make everyday living challenging when it comes to your own personal finances. One key to success in this area that has proven itself over and over is preparation. Hence it is important to know what are the necessary steps to take in order to be considered fully prepared for the coming economic turmoil. Continue reading

Manage Your Personal Finance

Hello and welcome to NI Finance Information. The focus of this blog will be on personal finance and how one manages their personal finances in the time of global economic turmoil.